1. ISFL has ample experience working with students and in the development of language programs and cultural projects between schools.  The attention to detail in each of our programs guarantees success while providing an unforgettable experience for our students and teachers.
  2. ISFL takes pride and care in transmitting our passion for languages to our students as well as becoming familiar with other cultures and living new experiences by tailoring  individualized programs to our students and education centers.
  3. ISFL programs are carried out in different schools within Spain, the United Kingdom and the USA.  We not only intend for the student to acquire the language but to integrate into the life of the country and to become part of the host families, creating a cultural immersion.  You will be one of them!
  4. ISFL counts on modern installations where language acquisition and real world interactions lead to cultural experiences in the classroom.  We also count on recreational spaces where students can play and enjoy time with classmates as well as continue practicing their language progress.
  5. ISFL coordinators are available 24 hours a day to ensure you have a positive experience.