ISFL is an organization dedicated to promoting the development of bilingual projects between educational institutions from different countries so that they reach an international dimension, with the aim of not only learning and improving the acquisition of language but also making them participants of an increasingly important society, globalized and multicultural; skills, without a doubt, that are increasingly necessary in the formation of citizens of the world.

This international dimension is built on the basis of educational collaboration agreements between different centers and with the following objectives:  

. The students of these educational centers will have the possibility of educational mobility, being able to attend studies up to a school year, as well as in summer camps, hosted by families of said institutions or in-school residence.

. Teachers of these students will be able to develop pedagogical experiences in both institutions, with the possibility of visiting and attending classes, as well as the development of joint curricular projects that contribute to the integral formation of the students.

 It is a definitive strategy to deepen the mastery of a foreign language and the personal development of the student.

ISFL has extensive experience in working with students and organizing language programs between schools in Europe and the USA.

 ISFL is based on individualized and personal treatment, our goal being that our students feel sheltered and have an unforgettable experience.